Radiation day 21 of 35. Chemo week 4 of 7.

I’m on the patch. One of my oncologists heard about my difficulty eating, and has put me on a pain medication skin patch. It’s only been 24 hours since it was first applied, but the pain is already much more tolerable. Combined with my new, disgusting diet of “Very High Calorie” Boost shakes (530 calories in 8 ounces!), pudding, ice cream, and other calorie-dense, easy-on-the-throat foods, hope abounds.

The Boost has the viscosity of motor oil, and is about as pleasant to drink as that sounds. The odd thing about my malfunctioning taste buds is that I can still smell all the food I’m consuming, with none of the physical taste. It’s the La Croix of food.

The patch is applied to my lower back where it should keep me in a mostly catatonic state. I’m also not to drive or operate heavy machinery while under its influence. It definitely has slowed down my typing and accuracy. It’s like bubble wrap for my brain.

But at this point the doctors say it’s about pain management and weight maintenance. So I’m patched up and ready to go. 3 weeks left, then recovery. If I can beat this cancer, getting off of the opioids will be the next step. One thing at a time…