Chaos Rules

Not even an hour had passed since my last entry before all my blabbering about pain management became obsolete. Something irritated the back of my throat and nasal passage, and the headache immediately kicked in. My temporary bravado to coat my throat with magic mouthwash and try new things became this weekend’s downfall.

I spent most of Saturday in bed, going from one headache bout to another. Trying to down the green juice that Erin lovingly prepared for me scorched my throat so intensely, causing an immediate 10/10 headache, that I may have to swear off of that source of nutrition entirely. At least until my throat heals.

In an attempt to ramp up the calorie density, I tried drinking some expensive, organic, grass-fed whole milk. And as it turns out, milk gives me hives and an asthma attack. Color me humbled.

My attempts to diversify my diet have failed: I’ve been relegated to ice cream, eggs, and pudding. Ice cream doesn’t seem to aggravate the newly-discovered milk allergy, so there’s a minor miracle. Any amount of citric or ascorbic acid seems to be anathema, as well. My label reading has changed objectives — no longer hunting for hidden sugars and preservatives, now I’m looking for acids and calories per serving.

At least I get ice cream for breakfast now.