One Month Down

It’s strange what my mind remembers. Viscerally, I know that there were moments and long spells of intense pain, searing headaches, and tons of various comforts. A month ago I was on a vegan, liquid diet, thanks to my throat getting cooked like a microwave.

And yet, a month past my last treatment, those memories seem long ago, as if from a past life. They don’t dominate my mental story of this journey. It reminds of how many mothers report the experience of childbirth as an overall positive experience, and the memories of the intense pain fade quickly afterwards. Perhaps my optimistic, positive worldview of this entire experience helps my memory focus on the recovery, and not the pain of the past.

Week 4 post-treatment has added on to week three’s progress. My energy continues to improve (chemo-induced anemia must be improving!) and I’ve added some light exercise back into my routine. My new Apple Watch steadily reported my walking pace progress, as it went from snail’s pace back towards my before-treatment speed.

My liquid diet is behind me, thanks to powerful pain management and my body’s fast healing response. I do still drink Orgain vegan protein shakes, but thankfully it’s a supplement and not the main course. Certain tastes are starting to return, slowly, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what I’ll be able to actually enjoy with every meal. Every meal is an adventure!

On to the next few weeks of recovery. Who knows what adventures they will bring?


I can’t say I wasn’t warned.

It’s been 8 days since my last round of radiation and chemotherapy. Every person on my care team warned that the weeks afterwards would not be easy, and could possibly be even worse. Even as I heeded their warnings, it was all too easy to start thinking it was almost over. It wasn’t.

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