CT Scan

It’s been exactly six weeks since the last time I’d laid on a motorized tray, waiting to be inserted into a machine, and here I was again. As the days and weeks have passed, it’s gotten easier for me to relax and forget the pain and agony of the past weeks. But today, at my first follow-up I’m confronted with those memories by the place I’m in and the process I’m undergoing.

Recovery has been progressing nicely. My taste buds are working again, mostly, and the pleasure of eating has never felt better. Every meal is a discovery adventure, to see what works and doesn’t.

Oddly enough a new fatigue has settled in over the last couple days. Add it to my very scratchy left throat on my list of lingering symptoms. For some reason, I have started to hit a wall right around 5-6pm — my energy just runs out.

Post-exercise soreness has taken on a new meaning as well. While my muscles have atrophied and my body mass has decreased, I had started to begin some light exercise like walking, cycling, and light rock climbing. I even did some time on the rowing machine. It was too much. My muscle aches, post-treatment, are debilitating. And of course it doesn’t really manifest until I stop moving and lay down for the night.

Great timing.

As I’m in the last days of 24/7 opioid delivery, I’ve discovered a new pain.

I guess I’m going to have to be patient with my recovery, and ease back into reality a little slower than I’d prefer.