Grossly Unremarkable

The title of the post was how my PET scan looked to the pathologist. No evidence of disease. We did it!

Anyways, in the nearly three months since the good news, my life has seemed like a non-stop victory tour and recovery mission. Mountains, rivers, and beaches — we’ve been on a mission to carpe diem, and it’s been a successful one so far.

My physical recovery has gone mostly well. Well enough that I have pangs of guilt when I hear about other survivor’s stories. My physical strength has returned, and with the 10ish pounds that I’ve lost, my physique is in a really good place. I look good for my age. I look great for a cancer survivor — I don’t have any physical signs of the trauma at all. Is that normal? I don’t know but I know I’ve worked my ass off to get here.

My voice has not recovered, and is the most frustrating side effect that remains. Nobody knows if it’s permanent or not, but I’m trying to get used to it. I’m fairly sure my kids are glad that I can’t raise my voice at them, or anyone else for that matter, any longer. It’s a win-win.

My first post-cancer surveillance scan is approaching. For years to come, the doctors will be checking my CT, PET, and other tests regularly. I’m a high-risk candidate now.

For me it means that there’s no time like the present.